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Which life lesson did you learn too late in your life?

2/15/2017 | 50 views | Category: Education Forum | Tag: Life

When I flunked in my IPCC exams,there was no one to cure my pain with their understanding.


When I was struggling with my internship search, there was no helping hand to ease my trouble.


When my relationship was going through a rough phase, there was no one to lend me a “listening ear” for healing my inner turmoil that had gripped my heart to the core.


I thought and thought. They were unaware of my sulking.


I cried and cried. They were unaware of my tears.


I shouted and mourn. My noise was inaudible to them.


But the same folks perfectly marked their presence during some favorable events of my life (Birthdays, getting through an exam etc.) with an outright demand of massive celebrations.


It was confusing. It was unfair. It made me sad.


No one is really interested in listening to your miseries. They are ready to welcome your sunny face but are unwilling to accept your puffy sorrow laden eyes. The moment you start unfurling your true self by placing your trust in them, they will tend to evaporate like a vapor, leaving their true colors behind.


You are all alone. No one will come to your rescue when your shit will be in deep danger. You need to pick your broken pieces, mend them with your experiences and move forward no matter what.


Expecting others to do good to you just because you were nice to them is like expecting a lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.


Expectations bring disappointment. Solitude is your true companion. At the end, you have the power to be normal. Again.


The lesson I have learned too late in life.


She topped the class. Oh, she is gifted with intelligence.


He secured an All India Rank. Oh, he is a child prodigy.


He was successful in landing a lucrative job. Oh, he must be having some good references.


She has got ’n’ number of followers on Quora. Yes, she is bestowed with great writing skills.


Oh, she looks so pretty. Yeah, she is blessed with flawless skin.


He has got recognition for his soul soothing art. Yeah, he has inherited the unique artistic skills from his Dad.


The above presumptions were the pure outcomes of my barren brain. Yeah, I always used to believe that “success” of any individual is directly proportional to the power of his/her supporting “Luck”.


But, sooner or later I realized that I was so damn wrong.


It takes a hell lot of hardwork, sheer dedication and consistent amount of striving to reach the pinnacle of your life. It is easy to adorn the presence of luck but it is hard to acknowledge the story of scars concealed behind the veil of “success”.


She topped the class. Because she toiled hard.


He secured an All India Rank. Because he toiled hard.


He was successful in landing a lucrative job. Because he toiled hard.


She has got ’n’ number of followers on Quora. Because she toiled hard.


Oh, she looks so pretty. Because she toiled hard.


He has got recognition for his soul soothing art. Because he toiled hard.


An overnight success is an amalgamation of arduous failed attempts of numerous sleepless nights which are invisible to these judgmental eyes.


Try to look beyond..!!


The lesson I have learned too late in life.






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