Itu Global | 4/20/2018 | Travel | Tourism

How much salary would I need to survive in Dubai?

is a salary of 17000 aed good enough in dubai? that completely depends on the lifestyle you lead. income in dubai is tax free but dubai also has lots of options to suck your money faster than you earn. according to your family size, govt has regulated the size of apartment you can take. for example if you have 5-6 members in your family, you can not stay in a 1 bhk apartment. now for the purpose of generalized expenditure, lets assume you are married with one kid. apartment- a standard 1 bhk flat in decent locality with central ac may cost you anywhere between 55k-150k aed per annum. the cost varies according to the locality, apartment size, amenties provided. many of the land lords in dubai expect the rents to be submitted in 2-4 cheques (bi yearly to quarterly) internet, telephone (landline) and electricity bills- both etisalat and du provide package of internet, cable and landline telephone. you have to choose your plan and options. average bill for a month can be 1000-250 >> continue reading

​ The most ungrateful thing a woman can say to a man

in nigeria, many women think they can sell their body for money, gifs, etc. nollywood is not helping the matter either, especially yoruba movies. it’s not uncommon for yoruba movies to depict handsome man buying or renting a resplendent house/apartment for a strange woman. it’s not uncommon for a man to buy a car as a gift (or a birthday gift) for a woman he just meets. he can take her for shopping at dubai, and then give her millions to start business. many a girl will watch the movies and think the situation is just like that in real life. but only life experiences will teach them the realities. when a girl comes across a man who loves her, and the man showers her, her friends and family with gifts and money, the girl is lucky indeed. but in reality, such girls have nothing to offer the man, save the so-called honeypot, which sometimes stinks. even most girls cheat on their generous lovers. now, what does the man stand to gain in such relationships? the answer is nothin >> continue reading

Itu Global | 4/13/2018 | Finance | Forex

​ Why we don’t give excellent trading information for free

“people don’t value what they get for free.” – dr. van k. tharp question: “ok louise, if you’re such a freaking saint, then why don’t you give away your trading knowledge for free?” all of these resources are the result of my 28 years of trading the markets, 20 years of being a best-selling author, and genuine concern to see that people get started trading effectively and safely. every one of these resources take time, money, knowledge and creativity to produce – yet… do you hear me complain… well… not often. let me explain why we don’t give away everything for free. people often don’t value what they receive for free. this means they don’t implement, and they don’t respect advanced resources, unless they’ve had to go through some sort of struggle to get to that resource. and, in this society, the ‘struggle’ doesn’t involve wrestling a mother lioness to the death… the ‘struggle’ means a financial price. i used to give away hours & hours of personal training… for years and >> continue reading

Itu Global | 4/13/2018 | Personal | Questions

Why doesn’t my girlfriend want me to touch her body?

whenever i try to touch her, she moves away or makes excuses. why is she doing this? i am happily married. my husband touches me, a lot, and it really gets on my nerves. although i love him dearly, he acts as if my body is “his”. whenever he walks by me, he slaps my ass or grabs my boobs. it doesn’t matter if i’m doing the dishes, cooking dinner, working on the computer, etc. i’m going to let you in on a little secret. it’s annoying. i want body autonomy. i don’t want someone touching me constantly. just because someone is a significant other, doesn’t mean they want to constantly be touched. i just generally am not a touchy-feely person. i’m not crazy about my 7-y-o daughter climbing all over me and constantly hanging on me either. being touched all of the time feels invasive, aggressive, and sometimes predatory. it’s not fun. my body is my own. regardless of who this other person is to you, how long you’ve been with them, etc….their body is their own! do not just touch people witho >> continue reading

Itu Global | 4/6/2018 | Education | Phd

​ Should I leave my well-paying job for further education?

am i crazy to leave a six figure salary to get a phd in computer science? while you are not necessarily crazy, this does not sound like a great decision to make. i am not even thinking about whether this makes economic sense, which it probably doesn't, but rather, what can you expect to get from a phd experience at this point in time. let me start by saying that getting a phd in cs makes perfect sense for a lot of people. hell, i even got one! but those people are usually in a different situation than yours, as a matter of fact, the phd will allow them to get to where you are (see xavier amatriain's answer to knowing what you know now, would you still get a phd if you had the chance to go back and do it over again? why or why not?). so, why would someone like you want to get into a phd? whenever i talk to people in your same situation (yes, there are many), i hear things like: i want to do "pure" research. if i do a phd i will be able to gain more understand >> continue reading

Itu Global | 4/6/2018 | Finance | Zulutrade

Providing trading signals on Zulutrade is a waste of time

some years back. i read about complaints of some signals providers on they were complaining that zulutrade didn’t give them their commissions, and yet, they confessed that zipsignals, a competitor to zulutrade, gave out signals providers earnings as and at when due. a signal provider generates automated traders on a platform and his followers copy the trades automatically. the signal provider gets paid from the commissions generated by the trades taken. when i read the complaints, i checked zulutrade website and saw they claimed to pay commissions promptly. later i signed up as a signals provider on the website, thinking my case will be different. i was wrong. after 2 years, i applied to withdraw my commissions and i was sent all the info they required. nothing was paid. i’ve sent withdrawal request countless times after that, but nothing was paid (despite several promises that they would pay). lessons: signals providers on zulutrade are wasting their time a >> continue reading

Itu Global | 4/4/2018 | Finance | Books

Unlock Your Potential with the Realities of Trading

do you want to be a successful trader? then you need to unlock your potential and develop the right habits and routines. experience shows that people want to keep doing what they are doing, while expecting different results. in trading, that means they carry on trading in a certain way even when it brings poor results. making a career out of trading means you have to identify what doesn’t work for you, and stop doing it. but that’s not easy – nobody likes being told they are wrong. your mind is the biggest obstacle that you need to overcome. it prevents you from following trading plans and deceives you into disobeying winning rules because of a transitory setback, thus missing great opportunities to make decent profits. you can only unlock your trading potential through the realities of trading. this book explains the traps that your mind can fall into and the methods you should use to avoid them. the author talks about how to use trading strategies, how to stay disciplined, an >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/31/2018 | Finance | Emotions

Do you trade for money or emotional satisfaction?

do you want to be entertained or rich?…it’s your choice i came across this excellent chart the other day. it shows those times in history when the s&p 500 doubled over a ten year period and the trajectory that this doubling took. please see here for a relevant chart:  much commentary that followed on twitter related to the steady low volatility climb that characterised the latest run and how boring this was. one of the interesting thing about markets and money in general is that people betray their true desires and personality. markets are the true window into the soul and in this instance what traders were actually saying is that they wanted to be entertained and not rich. the constant current moaning about the lack of volatility is little more than the plaintiff cries of children who bedevil their parents every school holidays with cries of …i’m bored. this lay observation tallies with what others have f >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/29/2018 | Business | Phone Calls

Why certain exchangers don’t pick your phone calls

apart from unserious callers who ask for sustenance or pecuniary succor, there is no need to not pick calls from customers. apart from online chats, and email, telephone conversation is one of the most effective ways to communicate with an exchanger. however, certain exchangers who have several phone numbers, won’t pick your calls. you can call 100 times if you want, but no-one will pick it. why? there are many reasons for this: the fact that an exchanger’s office is busy is no excuse. that’s why you need staff to keep tabs on phone calls. there are scam exchangers online – and some of them are very popular indeed. they scam people who lick their wounds, but they usually get new victims by advert campaigns and by using unreasonable prices, like buying at very high rates and selling at very low rates. that’s what customers want – low rates for buying and high rates for selling. it’s when they send funds to the exchangers, that they realize they’re already in trouble. they >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/29/2018 | Family | Kids

Why poor people produce children they cannot feed

why do people keep having children while living in crushing poverty? you’ve already got 24 answers to this question and i’m not sure i can add anything that hasn’t been said already. the answer can depend to some extent on the country in question. take my own for example. yes the mighty us of a. the great leader of democracy. we seem hell bent on turning back time as far as woman’s rights goes and the right for a woman to chose what happens with her own body. before long, back ally abortions may be back in vogue and woman will once again die at the hands of butchers who don’t know what they are doing. all because men don’t have the babies and women have to make the hard decisions. reality is not always sunshine and daffodils. but you said crushing poverty. that brings to mind places where women have to survive on mud cakes and see their children’s bellies distended from malnutrition. women in that situation do not have the option of saying “no”. they are uneducated. their socie >> continue reading


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Itu Global | 3/21/2018 | Money | Gtbank

Shame on GTBank! Their email support staff are useless

an honorarium was sent from uk to me, using an effective third party payment platform. unknown to me, the third party payment platform works in a way that, your benefactor pays in sterling, but you get naira cash. a domiciliary account cannot receive naira cash and a naira cash cannot receive a foreign currency. it was a mistake that i sent my gbp domiciliary account number, to the benefactor, who used the third party payment platform to send gbp = naira cash to me. the dom account can’t receive naira, and so, the cash got hanged. the real solution is that, the money would go back to the third party payment platform, who would send it back to my benefactor, and the benefactor could then re-send the money or use another means to send it. but before this could happen, i contacted gtbank to report the problem. perhaps they could locate the money or reject the transaction so that it could go back to the source. i called their online customer support, who gave me email addresse >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/21/2018 | Business | Investment

​ The best business in the world

what is the best business in world? yesterday morning i was with two other ex-morgan stanley guys. one now works as a partner of a distressed-debt fund. the other runs a courier business. both have done incredibly well for themselves. over breakfast, we discussed the global economy, the impact of technology, brexit, morgan stanley, and many other things. in everything we discussed there was some disagreement. except for one thing. all of us were in complete agreement that alphabet (google) is the best business in the world. by far. we all agreed that if we could only own one asset, it wouldn't be gold or silver, or property in london, or us treasury bonds. it’d be alphabet stock. its management thinks so long-term, executes so damn well, and gets in all the right spaces. it is just awesome… source:   perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller/skrill: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/19/2018 | Business | Cancer

Trading on a wheelchair – Life’s lessons

a true life story of a veteran trader we were in a midst of a popular monthly traders’ forum when an elderly man on a wheelchair was helped into the hall. the moderator asked us to stand up for the man, whom he called “a soldier on the battlefield of the financial markets.” as the forum was about to be concluded, someone suggested that we allow the professional on a wheelchair to give a short speech. a mic was given to him.  he held the mic and said: “my fellow traders. thank you for standing up for me, and thank you for giving me a privilege to talk in this forum. i started trading 12 years ago. and i am still trading. i will trade for as long as i breathe. i am one of the most popular forex traders in this country. sadly, the one who coached me for forex trading stopped trading in 2008, because of subprime crises and market crashes. he lacked risk control skills. i pressed on, to become a regular columnist in a popular newspaper, writing about forex trading on >> continue reading

(toll-free) Window Live Mail Customer Service +1-888-664-3555

window live is the mail which is widely used by user especially within an organization and companies. so no one is ready to face any technical glitch in window live mail account, because it can affect the complete work flow as well as organization. so whenever you face any issue, don’t get hyper because we are offering you our window live help desk number to help you every time and everywhere. visit us: >> continue reading


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​ I won’t speak to anybody for one year

what happens if you stop talking for a year? in india, there is a meditative practice called “vipassana” where participants go without speaking even a single word for days. i've attended one such session and stayed absolutely silent for 5 days. here's what i experienced: you have to remind yourself constantly for the first day to simply keep your mouth shut physically. this looks and feels very awkward but you soon get over it. since i was at a meditation centre, i had no access to my phone, the internet or television. the organizers encourage you to think about your life, all of it! recall every memory. despite how many years you've lived, most participants could recall their entire lives in a day - that's how fleeting a single human life is. you sleep a lot as a way of passing the time. but this doesn't work for more than a few days because once you're well rested, you just can't force yourself to sleep. you become more attuned to sound. when no >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/15/2018 | Business | Neteller

Why customers need to make money

neteller: why we want our customers to make money we truly want our customers to make money, especially neteller. some of our customers are binary options traders. we wish they make huge profits in neteller. some of them are forex traders. we pray for them too, to make big profits. there are other customers who trade other types of financial markets, like commodities, precious metals, stocks, cfds, cryptos, etc. we strongly wish they make profits. certain of our customers are also professional bettors. they do spreads, sports, etc, betting. we want them to win jackpots. we have customers who are traders and businessmen. they do business in neteller – whether funding or withdrawals. we want their business deals to yield profits. there are many ways to use neteller and skrill. we don’t render services to scammers or those who get neteller through dubious means.  there’s no way for them in our company. when traders and businessmen lose money, their results are red. >> continue reading

AT&T email password recovery 1-888-664-3555 support phone number

in case you are not able to send or receive mail from at&t mail you need to check the spam and junk mails to your account. you must check the internet connection and restart the modem. try to send an email; you must have fixed this issue. if still, the query remains unresolved call the at&t mail support phone number 1-888-664-3555. we are the customer service provider for at&t mail you can get our assistance round the clock without any delay. for more details visit at: - >> continue reading

Hotmail email 1-888-664-3555 customer service phone number

there are a number of msn hotmail technical issues that you can't fix on your own. calling the hotmail customer care number 1-888-664-3555 is the best way, to fix any bugs or technical issues in your hotmail account. after you call us, your problems become ours, and we fix them permanently. we don't just provide solutions; we also give you valuable suggestions to help you keep your account safe and secure. for more details visit at: - >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/9/2018 | Finance | Investment

Why most people are broke

why are most people broke? i worked as an accountant, financial adviser, and investment manager for many years and from what i have seen people go broke either from bad luck or else because of some faulty personality trait. to start with a personal perspective. very early on, in secondary school, reading charles dickens' "david copperfield", i was very lucky to learn this hugely important lesson: “mr. micawber was waiting for me within the gate, and we went up to his room (top story but one), and cried very much. he solemnly conjured me, i remember, to take warning by his fate; and to observe that if a man had twenty pounds a-year for his income, and spent nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and sixpence, he would be happy, but that if he spent twenty pounds one he would be miserable. after which he borrowed a shilling of me for porter, gave me a written order on mrs. micawber for the amount, and put away his pocket-handkerchief, and cheered up.” dickens taught me >> continue reading

Why I don’t celebrate birthdays

some christians don’t celebrate birthdays and some do. the only two recorded birthdays in the bible were celebrated by unbelievers and marked by bloodsheds. when david said “teach us how to count our days” he meant we should be taught how to think about our days and years and life, to apply wisdom, to make adjustments and to stop doing what would translate to a wasted life when we draw our last breaths. he didn’t mean we should be taught how to party, drink, boost our ego and do foolish things (that are rampant nowadays). there are more than 7.5 billion people on earth. you may think something is special about you, but you are wrong. billions of other people think the same – each person think they’re special. over 300,000 people were born on march 9, 2018. let’s say on march 2045, most of them would still be alive and celebrate their birthdays. assuming about 400,000 people were born on march 9, every year. in 20 years, that would be 8 million people. i celebrate birthdays f >> continue reading

7 Ways to Get Help With Quicken Personal Finance Software 1-888-519-5185

there are many ways in which you can sort any trouble that occurs with the quicken personal finance software. you can look up the help directly from the browser. you can search the help from and then search the related help in the forums. you can go to the help menu and send a mail regarding the trouble you are facing to the quicken technical team. you can also try chatting with the company experts for any solution which is you need with the account.  you can choose to follow the quicken support website for help and lastly calling the quicken customer service helpline number is the most effortless option you have. >> continue reading

Malwarebytes is not running! Got blocked: How to manage it now?

many time malwarebytes users become unable to make use of their malwarebytes anti-malware application. this situation may prove responsible for the penetration of malware inside the pc. thus it is necessary for malwarebytes helpline number users to get it resolved as soon as possible. >> continue reading

How to fix compatibility issues of Malwarebytes on Windows 10?

malwarebytes get blocked all of sudden without some or the other technical issues.  our malwarebytes customer service phone number may be accessed regardless of time where you will be provided the guideline from our well-qualified malwarebytes technicians. thus without making any delay make a call on our provided malware tech support number. >> continue reading

How to recovery Hush mail email 1-866-730-4085 password contact Customer care Number

are you depressed from the abnormal functionalities of hush mail? if yes, you can get full freedom from difficulty to handover the failure story to technical team. our third part professional team holds the solution of everything from top to bottom level. they do not give any interest to fix crucial issue in the hushmial unless you ring at hush mail customer support number 1-866-730-4085. our customer service is open throughout the day. we are taking at very reasonable rate to pacify all errors. for more details visit at: - >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/1/2018 | Money | Access Bank

​ Emergency security measure for Access Bank customers

please contact access bank immediately: 1.      when you change your personal information (phone number, email, or home address, etc) why? they need to be sure that the changes are from rightful owner of the account. 2.      when you misplace or lose your phone why? so that your banking info contained in your phone is not used against you. thieves steal phones now so that they can use your banking info to withdraw your money. 3.      if you do not have immediate access to your phone why? you may currently be a victim of hackers. 4.      informing access bank on time will help them serve you better and protect you. your security is their priority. perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller/skrill: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 3/1/2018 | Journals | Blogger

Is Kemi Olunloyo’s blog bigger than Nairaland?

at the time of writing this article, seun osewa’s nairaland,com alexa ranking is 1,229. kemi olunloyo’s blog alexa ranking is 558. linda ikeji’s blog alexa ranking is 3,884. the smaller the number, the better the ranking. i was surprised that kemi olunloyo’s blog has the highest traffic of all. but i think the blog seems less popular. linda ikeji is making so much money. seun osewa is also making money. i don’t think kemi olunloyo is making so much, otherwise, she wouldn’t be soliciting for funds to help her meet her legal expenses, while she was in prison. the reality is, kemi olunloyo blog need more experienced and more effective marketing team, to monetize that website effectively, the alexa ranking is dammed high and its potential resources must not be wasted. perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller/skrill: >> continue reading


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Itu Global | 2/23/2018 | Cultures | Igbos/Ibos

Do Ibos/Igbos still practice polygamy?

i always say that ibos, also call igbos, are wonderful and enterprising people. they are a unique race and i love them. yorubas practiced polygamy in the olden days and they still do that nowadays. hausas practiced polygamy in the olden days and they still do that nowadays. i believe in the olden days, igbos too, practiced polygamy. one good example is the book “things fall apart.” okwonkwo is a polygamist. since most igbos have embraced christianity, majority of them are now monogamous. at least, those who’re living in lagos. but what about those living in rural areas of the east (even in towns)? do they still practice polygamy? are there any igbos in these modern times, who still practice polygamy? i would appreciate accurate answers. perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller/skrill: >> continue reading