Itu Global | 2/16/2018 | Entertainment | Destiny

Does your name affect your destiny? ​

do you think changing your name can change your life? in hollywood it certainly can. the theory is that it pays to have a very american “white” sounding name. in the past, there has been a stigma against too ethnic/jewish/irish/polish types of names. it is getting better but a lot of stars still change their name. name = real name louis ck = louis szekely natalie portman = natalie herschlag demi moore = demetria guynes al brooks = albert einstein woody allen = allen konigsberg chevy chase = cornelius crane chase ben kingsley = krishna pandit bhanji (i had no idea he was half-indian!) katy perry = katheryn hudson some succeed against the odds: arnold schwarzenegger = arnold schwarzenegger source:   perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller/skrill: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 2/16/2018 | Business | Sms Alerts

E-currencies Transactions: Why you shouldn’t rely on SMS alerts alone

sane exchangers pay their customers as soon as possible, and the best way to pay is to do instant transfers to clients’ accounts. if you can pay your customers today, it doesn’t make sense to delay them till tomorrow. but what if a customer is paid and they don’t see sms alerts? it’s not advisable that customers rely on sms alerts alone. if that’s what you were doing, then you can stop doing that (unless you don’t care if you don’t get paid quickly). sometimes an sms alert will come quickly – sometimes it will come late. in certain cases an sms alert may not come at all. your cash payment may already be sitting in your account, and you mayn’t be aware and you’ll be smarting and fretting. you’ll be calling your exchanger, disturbing them, without knowing that the money is already in your account. what can you then do? you may also want to check your email for email alerts. banks send transactions alerts to their customers’ emails, so, if you haven’t registered for email alert >> continue reading

India Vs South Africa - 4th ODI – Today's match report & Betting Tips

india register another win against south africa on this tour after clinching the third odi of the six-match series by 124 runs. india are champions in one-day cricket and have been playing like the no. 1 group they are. by and by, it is astounding to see the way virat kohli is playing. it's exceptionally uncommon that you get an execution so predictable originating from a captain. he has been staggering in the course of the most recent couple of years by setting a case for the team and winning games on his own. shikhar dhawan played a splendid inning however he too might want to change over this shining type of his into some big scored. ajinkya rahane is by all accounts set on attempting to demonstrate he is sufficiently forceful in the center overs to fit into this indian side. he should simply play his regular game as that is all that could possibly be needed for what india is searching for. at long last some uplifting news for the hosts as stalwart ab de villiers has been >> continue reading


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Why some people don’t want to have children

i’m actually blown away that most people end up having kids. i look at having children as a burden onto my ridiculously free lifestyle. i have no obligations or responsibilities except to myself. i will end up saving millions of dollars. i will save hours and hours of time to do more exciting things like travel around the world and watch really cool old movies. i will be able to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping people form better relationships with each other. and yes, i understand that i don’t realize the wild, unconditional love i could feel for having a kid. i don’t want to have to feel such love for my kids in the same way that i don’t want to feel such addiction to heroin. i’m sure it feels amazing to watch my offspring run around, but i’d rather just avoid the whole situation altogether and do stuff that i want to do. and yes, i understand that kids will take care of me when i’m old. but guess what? i’m going to be really rich when i’m old, so i won’t need a kid to ta >> continue reading

Itu Global | 2/8/2018 | Money | China

This is the reason why China hates Bitcoin

why does china dislike bitcoin? bitcoin’s buzz is gone, for now. it was crushed by the heavy-handed intervention of the chinese government, which is cooling off investor enthusiasm for the digital currency. that’s just the beginning rather than the end of recent efforts by big governments around the world to turn bitcoin back into what once was -- an exotic currency for the tech savvy and romantic radicals, as we wrote in a previous piece here. the news out of china about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is going from bad to worse. after banning initial coin offerings (icos) early in the week, beijing is now considering shutting off cryptocurrency exchanges, sending the major players into another tailspin. to be fair, chinese and other governments, big and small, have a few good reasons to step in and regulate the process of creating and exchanging cryptocurrencies, as they do with the issuing and trading of conventional financial products and instruments -- to protect the pu >> continue reading

Top 3 Packers and movers in Pune helps you choose the best packers and movers in different cities and towns of india. you can get moving quotes from us to compare and choose the best matching service provider for your specific moving needs. if you are thinking about why you should go with us then below-mentioned statements might satisfy you. have a look at these. visit our site : >> continue reading

Itu Global | 2/4/2018 | Business | Euro

​ Why euro and pound are going up, except dollar

at the time of writing this article, pound sterling (gbp) is around n500. it even previously went as high as n504, and it could go towards that price level (even exceeding it). euro (eur) is also n440, after rising from a low of n422 early this year. on the other hand, us dollar (usd) has only consolidated, hovering around the price levels of n360, n361 and n362. why are euro and pound going upwards but not dollar? the reason is simple: the cbn (central bank of nigeria) is pumping dollars into the economy. billions of dollars have been pumped in recent times and that is what has kept price of dollar from going up. when supply is high, price should not be expected to rise. the cbn has proven that they have deep pockets – they are intent on continuing to pump dollars into the markets. this would help those who need it to get it at cheaper prices. however, cbn doesn’t pump gbp or eur into the economy, hence the rise in prices of euro and pound. once cbn stops pumping dol >> continue reading

Itu Global | 2/4/2018 | Politics | Ids

The real reason why police ask for your ID cards

when the police arrest a bunch of citizens, often illegally, they ask each of them to show their id card. if a person is arrested justly, they don’t usually ask for id cards. now, when the raid illegally, often to round up a bunch of people, they ask for their id cards. they later release them after they’ve been bribed (settled) it’s not that they want to release you if you show them your id card. they simply want to know if you can implicate them. for example, if you’re an airman or a seaman or a soldier or a high-raking politician or anyone who can really put them in trouble. if you a member of the forces, for example, and you don’t have an id card and you’re put into a cell, even your superiors would later blame you for not carrying your id card with you, and the policemen who have arrested you would your lack of id card as a cogent excuse. now, if you’re rounded up for the purpose of raiding, if you show them your national id card or voter’s card or international passport >> continue reading


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India vs South Africa, 1st ODI - Betting Tips & Match Preview

india have never won an odi series in south africa. truth be told, they have just five wins in 27 matches against the proteas in their den. recently india loss the test match series from south africa by 2-1. after losing the first two tests, in third and last test match india put forth a monstrous expression in front of the restricted overs series against south africa by beating the hosts by 63 keeps running in the third test at the new wanderers stadium in johannesburg. india the india will need rohit sharma and shikhar dhawan to take them off to a strong starts. virat kohli will be the key man for india with the bat while ms dhoni's thump will turn out to be all the more vital in the event of a best request crumple. new ball bowling down some pins will depend vigorously on bhuvneshwar kumar and jasprit bumrah, both of whom will hope to give the early achievements. playing 11 rohit sharma, shikhar dhawan, virat kohli (c), shreyas iyer/ajinkya rahane, ms dhoni (wk) >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/25/2018 | Finance | Systems

Tricks to winning the markets this year

“trading is one of the oldest concepts on the planet and that’s an advantage to your new business. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. what you have to do now is create a written set of instructions to your brain. instructions that will turn your concepts into cash. think of your business plan as cliff notes on “how to make money by trading!” because that’s what it will be once it is completed. since only the best traders have the discipline to make such a plan, you’ll have one of the “edges” you need to compete alongside the top market makers and traders.” – dr. van tharp (source:  based on many years of trading and research in the markets, i’d like to share some tricks with you. i hope the tricks would help you become triumphant as a trader. neither a permabull nor a permabear be in forex markets, it’s far better to be a trader rather than be an investor. it’s more preferable to make money when there is a strong uptrend or a strong downtrend. when an investo >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/24/2018 | Personal | Life Regrets

These are regrets people have when dying

“to give our gift to others we first must find it and develop it. definition of hell: on your last day on earth you meet the person you could have become. regrets that people have include: not spending enough time with loved ones. not taking time to learn something new. not taking time to travel. not taking care of own health. not taking time to do things they really like to do. listening to others who tell them they are not good enough. giving up on something they really deserved doing. do you agree?” - oleg vishnepolsky to see our current rates, please visit >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/24/2018 | Celebrities | Our Vips

These are the latest exchanger’s VIPs

our vips: mbaneto chidozie, ayisu robert, mustapha babatunde, isabella etuk, nwoke daniel, isaac okafor, and lucky akpede. vips profiles: mbaneto chidozie:  he funds neteller constantly with us, and in large quantities too. we want to award his confidence in us, despite the fact that he lives in a foreign country. ayisu robert: he’s the first customer to fund with neteller, using the services of ituglobal. he’s not a buyer of large quantities, but we want to reward him for being the first customer to do business with us in the year 2016. he’s also referred a customer to us. mustapha babatunde: he’s attracted to us because we usually fund his neteller wallet to the nearest decimal place. he once transferred money to us when we had no neteller. however, instead of asking for a refund (which we would have done immediately), he waited for days, until we could get enough neteller to transfer to him. he also likes the fact that we do business on weekends. he likes getting netel >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/19/2018 | Business | Voter'S Card

Does Neteller accept voter’s card?

we can also ask: does skrill also accept voter’s card? the answer is: yes. your voter’s card is an authentic document issued by the government of the federal republic of nigeria. it bears your official name. it also carried your picture. so it makes a lot of sense for neteller to accept your voter’s card. if neteller accepts your voter’s card, then skrill should be able to do the same. after all, both are owned by the same company. perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/19/2018 | Religions | Partnership

What does it mean to partner with God?

i’ve heard some pastor saying this often and often? how many of you have n10,000 each to partner with god? how many of you have n5,000 each to partner with god? needless to say, you would see many people coming out to “partner” by donating money. when i partner with a company or someone, i expect some returns (though we also bear losses together) in a year or less or more. but the monies collected by these men of god are mostly used for their personal purposes, at least in certain cases. the man of god gets richer and more comfortable. however, in most cases, most of those who partnered by donating money would later get nothing in return (in spite of promises of unusual blessings). maybe i get it wrong, please explain to me: what does it mean to partner with god? is there any gain in this or is it another means of duping people? i turn the question to you, how many of you have n1,000,000 each to partner with god? of let’s say n500 each? perfect money/payeer/epay >> continue reading

Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane Heat, 32nd T20 - Betting Tips & Predictions

on jan 18 match no 32nd of bbl 07 series between sydney sixers vs brisbane heat at sydney cricket ground, sydney. sydney sixers the sydney sixers have resembled a totally extraordinary squad in the last couple of matches and the impact of their new abroad stars denly and brathwaite alongside the returning lyon and henriques has given them a truly necessary boost in the wake of losing their opening six matches this season. they are probably going to name a similar beginning eleven players that beat the melbourne stars on tuesday as they hope to keep assembling some energy and they will be edgy to get an outcome before their home fans against a heat squad that they have an incredible record against. the batting line-up has looked unimaginably solid in recent matches with any semblance of denly, hughes and maddinson in enhancing structure, while nathan lyon was ostensibly their matchwinner against the melbourne stars with his three wickets as they look solid in the two divisions >> continue reading

Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Sixers - Cricket Betting Tips

now match no 30th of bbl 07 series on jan 16 between melbourne stars vs sydney sixers at melbourne cricket ground, melbourne. melbourne stars the melbourne stars picked up their first win of bbl07 closing time out inside the melbourne derby against the melbourne renegades to give them a truly necessary lift in certainty after an eight match losing mark that dated back to a year ago, and they will hope to expand on it now against the sydney sixers. leg spinner daniel fallins made his introduction in that game and is set to keep his place as they have named an unaltered 13-man team, while pacemen daniel worrall and jackson coleman will likewise likely maintain their places after impressing for blended figures of 5-52 towards the renegades. close to their fine form now that the pressure on them has eased off.some thingkevin pietersen making the most of his best thump of bbl07 so far with 74 from 46 balls against the renegades and there were signs that both their batting and bowlin >> continue reading

Calling the Microsoft Outlook technical support number/Tollfree helpline number +1-888-664-3555

to help the customer we are providing the best client services to the user of microsoft outlook. you can contact us through microsoft outlook customer help support number. your call will be gone to by one of our specialists and he/she will recommend the well ordered answer for every one of your inquiries. visit us: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/10/2018 | Politics | Battles

​ Can Saudi Arabia beat Israel in War?

if saudi arabia and israel went to war, who would win? israel, beyond a doubt. having worked with many saudi military personnel over the course of my professional career, i can assure you that a fair percentage of their officer candidates are incompetent, unqualified, undisciplined, and totally dependent on the skills of the vast army of expatriate technicians and western advisers to operate and maintain their most basic equipment. some of the individual enlisted personnel take their jobs seriously, but that’s all most of them look at it as: a job. back when i worked in saudi the actual operational readiness and size of individual units fluctuated because they were dependent on who showed up for work on any given morning(!) there is no pressure for the officer candidates to perform well in their technical examinations due to the fact most are guaranteed their positions anyway due to nepotism. the day the saudis actually hold their officer corps to a reasonable standard of profess >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/10/2018 | Finance | Skrill

What are the best rates for Skrill?

the best rates for skrill are given by the best and the most dependable exchangers in the country. prices can go lower or higher, based on the laws of supply and demand, especially the ones affecting the us dollar (usd). when the dollar goes up, the skrill rates increases; and vice versa when the dollar goes down. but with itu global, you get the most competitive withdrawal and funding rates. to fund and withdraw with neteller, please visit: to see our current rates, please visit >> continue reading

Big Bash League Match 25Th – Sydney Thunder vs Perth Scorchers - Free cricket betting tips

big bash league 2017-18 25th t20 match between sydney thunder vs perth scorchers on january 11 at bellerive sydney showground stadium, sydney. sydney thunder the sydney thunder odds of making the last four are running out and this game is basically an absolute necessity win match against one of the chief teams in the competition as they need to beat the perth scorchers here. they need to manage without england global jos buttler who had been hitting top form in the last couple of matches so he will be missed at the top of the order and he will be replaced by kindred comrade james vince although the fact that that reduces their capability fairly. they do welcome back usman khawaja who will additionally fortify their batting line-up and he will probably open in place of buttler while jay lenton likewise comes into the 13-man squad which implies ryan gibson and aiden blizzard are the two players to drop out of conflict. perth scorchers the perth scorchers noteworthy form from >> continue reading

BBL07 Match 19 – Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne Renegades - Cricket Betting Tips Free

big bash league 2017-18 19th t20 match between melbourne stars vs melbourne renegades on january 06 at melbourne cricket ground, melbourne. melbourne stars the melbourne stars winless begin to the season is causing major reason for worry after three matches and the pressure is growing with each diversion as there is a lot of discuss playing as individuals and not as a team, and question marks over the future of many players as they come into this derby. they will take some solace from their record in the melbourne derby beating the renegades in 7 of their last 8 matches, however they need to immensely improve  their form in all features of the game including their fielding which has been poor and their best request batting particular. peter handscomb returns into the 13-man squad subsequent to being discharged from national group obligation while jackson coleman and seb gotch have likewise been named as rob quiney and evan gulbis have both been dropped, however there is little >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/3/2018 | Money | Ituglobal

​ 5 reasons why you need to open a SKRILL account now!

1.      skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and quick since 2001. they’re an acknowledged world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re depositing funds on a gaming site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. 2.      they meet the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and drive growth. skrill is a truly global company. based at our london headquarters and their offices throughout europe and the us, their staff of over 500 represents more than 30 nationalities. 3.      open a skrill account here:  4.      skrill cooperates with brokers and companies in financial, investing, insurance, auction, education, health/beauty, marketing/advertising, online games, betting, social, software, web hosting, software and telecommunication >> continue reading

Itu Global | 1/3/2018 | Finance | Skrill

Who is the latest exchanger to offer SKRILL?

ituglobal: we have started skrill funding and withdrawal hello traders: the fastest-paying exchanger has recently started skrill funding and withdrawal services. it means when you want to withdraw skrill, you get paid fast. likewise, when you want to fund with skrill, your order would be fulfilled speedily (once your order has been confirmed). you’ll get reasonable skrill rates. note: how can you go about this? you can obtain more info here: then scroll to the end of the bottom to see: skrill funding and withdrawal try the exchanger that won’t ignore your calls, whatsapp, email and skype messages. try the exchanger that calls their customers to inform them that their orders have been carried out. no-one pays faster than us. we don’t charge customers for instant transfers, neither do we delay their payments for any reasons. try us today and see. to fund and withdraw with neteller, please visit >> continue reading

BBL Match 17 – Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide Strikers - Cricket Betting Tips

bbl07 – big bash league 2017-18 17th t20 match between hobart hurricanes vs adelaide strikers on january 04 at bellerive oval, hobart. hobart hurricanes the hurricanes got their first triumph of bbl07 last time out against sydney thunder and they will hope to expand on that yet against a troublesome and gifted rival in the unbeaten adelaide strikers. the strikers have named an unaltered side for this diversion so they have no damage concerns and they will probably name an indistinguishable eleven from last time, however they are trusting english quick bowler tymal mills can discover some frame after a disillusioning begin to bbl07 and being hit for 46 off 4 overs last time out against sydney thunder. the last time these two groups played it was the hurricanes who rose triumphant in bbl06 with dan christian being the star as the veteran took 5-14 from four overs - which is the second best count ever by a bowler - so they will trust he can revive some of that shape here. adelaide st >> continue reading

Itu Global | 12/29/2017 | World | Objects

This is the heaviest object on earth

what is the heaviest object on earth? i’m surprised that the answers are focusing on man-made objects. my first thought is ayers rock in australia - known by its aboriginal name of uluru. it’s a single object of a uniform geological type, a sandstone slab formed under the ocean and now in the center of australia, with definite boundaries - so it might be the heaviest discrete rock in the world. the upper bound of its mass cannot be given because of its huge and unknown depth. it does have an iceberg-type profile. here are some stats: 348 meters (1,141 feet) high 863 meters (2,831 feet) above sea level 3.6 km long (2.2 miles) 1.9 km wide (1.2 miles) 9.4 km (5.8 miles) circumference around the base (source: uluru facts - uluru (ayers rock) australia) it may also be one of the weightiest cultural sites on earth. because it’s not just a rock. it’s a sacred site with a powerful energy that visitors attest to. the aboriginal tribes of the area believe that uluru was formed >> continue reading

Itu Global | 12/29/2017 | Education | Grades

Are online certificates worthless?

are certificates from udemy, edx, and coursera of any worth? for me, they were all useless in terms of advancing a career. all recruiters i went to and showed my cv with those certificates didn’t even bother with them, even though they were relevant. they just made my cv look nicer and bloated but did not in anyway help me in a job search or career advancement. good for hobby learning on your own time. source:   perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 12/21/2017 | Business | Rate

What’s the cheapest Neteller rate in Nigeria?

compliments of the seasons! we’ve decided to offer a bonanza for our customers (buyers). buy neteller @n355/$. offer expires january 5, 2018 when you buy any amount between $20 – $99, you get n370/$. when you buy any amount between $100 - $999, you get n360/$. when you buy any amount from $1,000 above, you get n355/$. time to make money! while some exchangers are selling neteller at n400/$ or n430/$, you can get it for as low as n355/$ (if you buy $1000). you can’t get this offer anywhere else! you can buy low and sell at a slightly higher price to others, thus making money. you can buy at n355 and sell at n375 and make money. you can also buy now at a low price, for future use. if you postpone buying till some later date, you’ll inevitably buy at a very high price. after january 5, 2018, we’ll raise our prices to previous levels. to fund and withdraw with neteller, please visit: to see our current rates, please visit www.ituglobalfx.c >> continue reading

Itu Global | 12/21/2017 | Money | Stingy

Why some rich men are stingy

why are some wealthy people so frugal? because wealth and frugality are related. you can become wealthy in very few general ways: you can inherit; you can invent something that people want to buy; you can be amongst the most hard working, capable and talented at something people will pay for; you can rent seek (use connections to take from others that which you do not deserve), or; you can save and invest (live below your means). as you can see, most of that list is not available to most people. one item, #5, is generally available (this may be a bit of a usa truth, i cannot speak to other countries). bonus, if you live your life according to #5, then your children have a chance for #1. source:   perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading