Itu Global | 11/18/2017 | Career | Exchange

Why you need to consider exchange business

at and, we offer excellent exchange services. here are the reasons why you need to consider us: 1.      you can call us anytime – saturdays, sundays and nights included. this is because we offer 24/7 services. 2.      even we don’t ignore your sms. some customers send us only sms and we reply them, and orders are carried out and completed. 3.      when we see your missed calls, we call you back. unlike some big exchangers who won’t pick your calls and will never call you back, we call you back when we see your missed calls. 4.      instead of holding you to ransom, we tell you if we’re not buying a particular e-currency at the moment. some exchangers would buy from you and delay you for days and weeks.  likewise, if you want to buy an e-currency and we don’t have it, we tell you. we just don’t collect your money and then hold you to >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/18/2017 | General | Email

Why you need to “whitelist” an important email now

we send occasional automated email messages to our members so that we keep them updated on what is going on as far as our exchange business is concerned. however, most of these automated messages are wrongly interpreted as spam and they go to spam area/inbox. this is the reason why most of our customers don’t know the latest events, announcements and promos we offer. for example: 1.      we are going to announce black friday promos to our customers. 2.      we are going to announce our 5 new vips on january 2018 (we choose 5 vips instead of 2). 3.      we are going to announce an unbelievable cash rewards to all our customers who use access bank. 4.      we are going to update our neteller funding and withdrawal rates, and notify you. 5.      we are going to announce some gifts to our customers, etc. you cannot be aware of all these important a >> continue reading

Ind vs SL cricket series complete schedule and betting tips

sri lanka cricket group is scheduled to visit india in november and december 2017. after sending the kiwis home to leave for good with a 2-1 series win in t20is, virat kohli and team are all set to lock their horns with the lions, with the series initiating from november 16. india will play three tests, three one-day internationals and three t20 internationals against sri lanka from november 16 to december 24. sri lanka will start their visit with a test match to be played in kolkata from november 16 preceding the second and third tests in nagpur and delhi. the first odi on december 10 preceding moving to mohali for the second odi on december 13. the third and last odi of the arrangement will be played in vishakhapatnam on december 17. ind vs sl cricket series complete schedule match date location india vs sri lanka: 1st test november 16-20 kolkata india vs sri lanka: 2nd test november 24-28 nagpur india vs sri lanka: 3rd test december 2-6 delhi india >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/16/2017 | Business | Forex

There’s nothing special about your strategy

the ways we con ourselves i support a particular hospital charity that each year or so runs a home lottery and every year i enter. to date i have won a digital camera, an ipod, an apple tv, a tonne of chocolate, wine (brilliant for a non-drinker but good for presents) and a host of other goodies. in fact i have never had a time when i have entered and not won something. whilst my expectancy is not quite positive it’s not bad. if i were a news agency that sold lottery tickets and i had this many winning entries bought via my store people would be clambering over me thinking there was something special about my store. one of the things we ignore in life is that we are subject to the same harsh statistics as everyone else – we have what i call the myth of individual specialness. our basic narcissism leads us to believe that the laws that apply to the universe don’t really apply to us, as a result we spend a lot of time fooling ourselves into think there is something special or magical >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/11/2017 | World | Passport

Is Nigerian passport useless?

why is the nigerian passport so useless? the nigerian international passport is not as useless as it might seem, but it’s not very useful either. as some have already rightly noted, for nigerians who live outside of nigeria, our passport is our identity and security, and without it we’ll all be on the next plane home. that said, the value of international passports have been ranked according to how many countries you can visit with your passport without a visa. nigeria ranks in 80th place out of 91. you can visit 45 countries without a visa, most of them african countries. so it’s not completely useless. source:  perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/11/2017 | Entertainment | 9Mobile

Why you shouldn’t rely on one Internet service provider

we operate 2 websites: and the later website used to experience frequent downtimes, but that has now been fixed, as we moved to another server. now the downtimes should be reduced drastically. however, you may visit one of our websites and think you can’t access it. this may also happen when visiting neteller website or any other websites. when you’re using glo to browse, you may discover that you’re unable to access certain websites (like neteller, our website, etc). if that happens, simply switch to another network, say 9mobile or airtel. you’ll see that the website would show, once you type it in the address bar. if you use airtel, and you discover you can’t access certain website, then switch to another network. don’t rely on one internet service provider it’s unwise to rely on one internet service provider, especially if you’re doing serious things online (like business). your trusted network can develop a temporary or protra >> continue reading

​ Why local governments should be scrapped in Nigeria

the reason is not far-fetched. local governments are completely useless. the purpose for which they were created has been defeated. as far back as 2002, i went to one local government in ogun state (name withheld). it was during the tenure of gbenga daniel. i was part of those waiting to see the chairman. when i entered the chairman’s office, it started raining. there were people there too. the rain was heavy and the ceiling of the chairman’s office was leaking seriously. a bucket was placed under the spot of the leakage so that it could contain the water. when a local government can’t repair it’s chairman’s office, would you expect them to do any meaningful repair or construction in the community?  recently, i also visited another local government in another state. the secretariat compound was flooded with rainwater and they did nothing about it. when a local government can’t do anything about obnoxious pools of water in their secretariat compound, would you expect them >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/8/2017 | Business | Accounts

If your Nigerian bank account is dormant for 6 years…

what happens to funds in a dormant bank account in nigeria after the 6 years has elapsed and there's nobody to claim it? we had an elderly customer in the bank, who usually makes one bulk withdrawal from his savings account every year. young men, supposedly posing as his sons, came with his death certificate, to report he was dead. they also informed the bank that they were in the process of obtaining a letter of administration, that will give them access to his funds. in nigeria, this is usually done through the courts and can take awhile. as they were working on this, the customer went to one of our branches and attempted to make his usual once a year transaction. his account at that time was frozen and flagged 'deceased' and the bank was in the process of verifying the death certificate submitted by his supposed sons. the urgent interview with him, helped the bank to arrest the young men, his close relatives, who were in the process of obtaining a letter of >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/1/2017 | World | World War Ii

Why Switzerland Remained Neutral in World War II

why was switzerland never involved in ww2 while there was war in all of its neighboring countries? were they funding hitler for the war? switzerland was, and to a certain extent still is, a fortress disguised as a nation. during wwii, the swiss army counted 500,000 men. nearly every man in the country was in possession of a firearm and had experience with it. the germans would need at least twice that number to defeat the swiss army and would have to station a lot of forces in the country to keep the local populace in control. the army could've grown significantly in size if it came to war, as a lot of swiss would volunteer to protect their country, making life even worse for the germans. switzerland had many fortifications throughout the country, and the southern part of the country, which is positioned in the alps, would be incredibly hard to take. the swiss were prepared for war and they were not going to back off if it came to battle. the swiss had already announced that >> continue reading

Itu Global | 11/1/2017 | Travel | Uber

How does Uber handle payments?

we use authnet, but are in the process of migrating to braintree. two reasons: 1. the authnet api is old and crusty, and their support is miserable. the braintree api is beautifully designed and they provide wrappers written in python (we're a python shop), ruby, php, etc. their support is awesome too: the first time i ever emailed them, i got a near immediate response that was footnoted/supported with links to their docs. 2. it's a pain to migrate, and not sure when we would have done it, but the catalyst: authnet only settles transactions in usd. we've taken our business international and braintree settles in 20+ currencies. of all the third parties i interface with as an engineer, braintree has been my favorite. source:  perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/23/2017 | Business | Bo

Instaforex Binary Options

instaforex provides its clients with cutting-edge trading technologies and first-rate services. among other things, our clients are given the opportunity to trade such popular financial instruments as intraday and expiry binary options. what is a forex option? binary options are derivatives of financial instruments. a forex option is a contract that grants the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a financial asset at an agreed price in a predetermined term. instaforex clients can buy call and put binary options choosing from 72 instruments in the forex options of client cabinet. clients can trade options using accounts in us dollars, euros, or russian rubles. besides, option trading is available to accounts in usd cents and eur cents with a nominal value of 100-50,000. you can trade binary options with a low as 1 usd. please visit here for more info: neteller at parallel market rates we offer netel >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/23/2017 | Business | Bo

Instaforex Binary Options

instaforex provides its clients with cutting-edge trading technologies and first-rate services. among other things, our clients are given the opportunity to trade such popular financial instruments as intraday and expiry binary options. what is a forex option? binary options are derivatives of financial instruments. a forex option is a contract that grants the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a financial asset at an agreed price in a predetermined term. instaforex clients can buy call and put binary options choosing from 72 instruments in the forex options of client cabinet. clients can trade options using accounts in us dollars, euros, or russian rubles. besides, option trading is available to accounts in usd cents and eur cents with a nominal value of 100-50,000. you can trade binary options with a low as 1 usd. please visit here for more info: neteller at parallel market rates we offer netel >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/23/2017 | Money | E-Currencies

Digital currencies: Why we don’t do automated transactions

automated transactions don’t make sense to us because of the reasons below: we deal with human beings who want to buy or sell. for demand and supply to make sense, there must be a willing buyer for what you want to sell. there must also be a willing seller for what you want to buy. as stated on our website, contact us before you send any e-currency to us. after we ask you to go ahead, then send it to us and hold on for your payment. likewise, when you contact us first before buying e-currency from us, you can be sure that we’ll process your order fast (once your payment has been confirmed). there are times when we don’t want to buy a particular digital currency. we tell you this. there are also times when we don’t have the digital currency you want to buy. we also tell you this, so that you won’t send money to us when we don’t have what you want to buy. there are times when en exchanger doesn’t have enough cash to pay you because the capital has been tied down. you’ll send money >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/21/2017 | Business | Money

Why do people ask me if I’ve stopped trading?

the question above is common whenever i come across people who used to be traders. they started trading because they thought it was easy and because they thought they’d strike it rich. nevertheless, they discovered that trading isn’t easy and after they dashed their heads into the rock many times, they gave up. whenever one of them comes across me, they ask: “are you still trading?” it’s simple. if they can’t do trading successfully, they feel no one else can do it, or very few people can do it. they gave up and they expected me to give us. surprisingly, i have not given up. in fact, i got what works for me and i like it. it’s a personal strategy: manual + discretionary. the world of trading is full of hypocrisy i’m sick of those who talk about their profits alone, but who hide their losses. when nzd pairs moved maniacally on october 19, i saw how many people posted the profits they made. but none of them would ever post loses they made. very few traders would post their losse >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/20/2017 | Travel | Smoking

Can I smoke on a commercial airplane? ​

what happens if you get caught smoking on a commercial airplane? cabin crew will rush to lavatory after smoke alarm active. they may open the door outside if passenger won’t open after a certain time, passenger will be escorted to his/her seat and cocpit crew will notify police before plane lands. meantime, cabin crew will be searching lavatory for any fire source for a while (eg. trash can) and they will check the lavatory couple of times in every 5–10 minutes in case of there is any fire hazard left. the passenger will be taken by police force after landing. depending on the country he/she may be only questioned for an hour and left with a ticket (1000–3000$). there is a blacklist for passengers as well but i don’t know if they add the passenger to list for smoking. source:  perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/20/2017 | Science | Website

The best website in the world

what is the world best website? all alien, occult & 5th gen technologies working behind that simple html search page, to bring you more info than you can finish reading, in your life time. google is a wonder of 20th century. a milestone of human advancement. google’s worth, might & intelligence can’t be calculated exactly. google is mightier than the mightiness govt. or nation on earth. google is internet, internet is google. source:  perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/18/2017 | Business | Neteller

4 ways to get Neteller at parallel market rates (CONFIDENTIAL)

using our services, some customers withdraw neteller @n345/n340 per usd. some fund neteller @n375/usd. however, other customers (verified) withdraw neteller @n322/usd and fund at @n385/usd. can you see the difference? someone who sells at n345/$ would be happier than someone who sells at n322/$ (the former make more money). likewise, someone who buys at n375/$ would be happier than someone who buys at n385/$ (the former save more money). how can you thus fund and withdraw neteller at parallel market rates, using our services? there are 4 options for you below. any one of the option will qualify you for our parallel market rates. (1). open an instaforex account through us: we offer neteller at parallel market rates for those who open accounts with us.  that means you can fund or withdraw neteller as often as you wish at parallel market rates, as long as you place at least, one trade per month. when you want to withdraw/fund through us, just send your mt4 login n >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/18/2017 | Food | Products

This is the most consumed product in Nigeria

what is the most consumed product in nigeria? sachet water. sachet water or ‘pure water' as it is called in nigeria is in my honest opinion, the most consumed product in nigeria. hundreds of millions of sachets are consumed everyday, and the demand for this product seems to always be on the rise. one reason for this, is that the population keeps increasing and nigeria as we know is one hell of a hot place. there is also the issue of the lack of good and drinkable water supply in the country and sachet water seems to be the only solution for the common man who can't afford bottled water. they come hot and cold and can be bought in sachets and bags. they are very cheap and some nigerians drink more than 10 sachets a day. travel to any major city in nigeria and you will see how the streets are littered with empty sachets of pure water. this is testimony to the quantity that is consumed everyday. pure water still remains one of the most consumed products in nigeria and >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/16/2017 | Cultures | Parents

My parent punched me; should I retaliate?

it’s never wrong to defend yourself and you should never be expected to take a beating without fighting back. as a practical matter, if your abusive parent is bigger and stronger than you, hitting back will only cause you more pain. you should only hit back if you think you have a chance at winning in a physical fight. but hitting your parent for payback is probably not a good idea. try anything else to stop your parent from hitting you. know this: children always have the upper hand. in the end, people often have children so that in the end of their lives they are not alone. parents need their children, much more than the reverse. i know of one person who had a very difficult relationship with her father when she was a kid. he hit her often as a young child and even as a teenager. he did this because he was angry and resentful. he loved his children but had a difficult time overcoming his resentment at having to take care of them and provide for them. he lost his temper easily and >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/16/2017 | Personal | Lagos

Why Lagosians prefer crossing busy highways to using foot bridges

lagos, nigeria: why will lagosians rather cross the busy highway than use the pedestrian bridge? there are a number of reasons for this. 1) impatience: sometimes climbing the footbridge means walking back a little distance. most people simply see this as a greater inconvenience than getting hit by a speeding truck. 2)fear of heights. 3)lack of trust in the structure of the bridge: some of those bridges look like death traps, eg the bridges on herbert macauley way. you actually cannot blame people for being afraid of falling 10 feet into onrushing traffic. 4) "l'effet mouton": also known as the herd mentality. it takes a lot of mental courage to use a bridge when 30 other people are trying to cross the same road without it. there is the slight pull of "do i think i am smarter than them" that occurs when one decides to do things differently. 5) insecurity on the bridges: most of the bigger pedestrian bridges are home to vagrants and all sorts of people >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/15/2017 | Finance | Neteller

NETELLER announces new fees structure

neteller is making some changes to their terms and conditions which will come into effect on 14th december 2017. here is the summary of the changes for you: the fee charged for the money transfer option will be 1.45%, with a minimum money transfer fee of $0.50 (usd) and no maximum fee. that means even if you send 5 usd in a transaction, you pay 0.5 usd in fees. if you send 5,000 usd per transaction, you pay 72.5 usd in fees. there will no longer be such thing as a fee capped at a maximum of 20 usd. vip fees bronze level vip's – the changes to the money transfer fee as stated above shall also apply to bronze level vip members. silver, gold, platinum & diamond vip's - money transfer fee remains free. to become a vip of neteller, you need to spend regularly in their merchants websites. nb: your continued use of neteller services after 14th december 2017 will be taken as your acceptance of the above changes. please get in contact with neteller if you need fu >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/15/2017 | Finance | Funds

Tallinex gives 100% safety of your funds

safety and segregation of funds all client funds deposited with tallinex are completely segregated in "off balance sheet" accounts according to strictly-followed policies and procedures. tallinex limited co-operates solely with reputable, regulated, world-leading, international banking institutions. to enhance the safety and security of funds, tallinex distributes client assets between multiple regulated banking institutions - as shown below: nb: tallinex doesn’t trade against their clients. they offer the most competitive spreads, especially if you open their ecn-pro accounts. their neteller withdrawal is also the fastest i have ever seen. neteller at parallel market rates we offer neteller at parallel market rates for those who open accounts with us. that means you can fund or withdraw neteller as often as you wish at parallel market rates, as long as you place at least, one trade per month. buy at: n375/$. se >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/13/2017 | World | History

These are the photos that make the whole world cry

what are the photos that made the whole world cry? rohingya infanticide moving images. they were shot when they are fleeing by boat to get rid of genocide and mass rape of myanmar's rakhine state security forces. as a result, at least 15 people were killed including 4 children and 31 people are unaccounted in naf river, maungdaw in northern rakhine. the next day, at 7 am on the bank of the naf river, were the bodies of two children and a woman. see a rohingya child on the ground looks like syrian child aylan kurdi. rohingya child lying still on banks of river evokes memories of syrian refugee aylan kurdi hamida, a rohingya refugee woman, cries as she holds her 40-day-old son, who died as a boat capsized in the shore of shah porir dwip, in teknaf, bangladesh, september 14, 2017. please see pictures here:  perfect money/payeer/epay/neteller: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/13/2017 | Computers | Language

​ This is the most useful programming language

what are the most useful programming languages to learn to get a job in 2018? ok , let's cover it : for web , i think there is no better choice than javascript . nodejs for backend , react js for frontend mobile apps : swift and java , kotlin are already preety famous so you can go with them . but i believe you are lazy like most of us , so you need something that covers both ios and android . ok then here comes , react native which helps you write native apps on both ios and android with javascript . so react native could be a good choice for you if you wanna go for app development desktop apps : obviously c# is a good choice but we are lazy na ? so we have electron which helps you write desktop apps with javascript . so you can either go with c# or electron. it's upon you games : c# and c++ aren't going anywhere here . have a good look at game engines like unity . happy learning , happy coding !!! source: >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/8/2017 | Money | 419

Digital currencies: How to avoid falling victim to scammers

it’s come to our notice that there are some scoundrels (419 - scammers) going about, claiming to be our representatives and encouraging our existing/potential customers to send funds to them. this message would help you to avoid falling victims to such scoundrels. we don’t dupe people into losing their money. we don’t steal people’s cash or e-currencies and we even refund monies sent to us by mistake. therefore, we feel pain when an unscrupulous person tries to use our good name, which we have worked very hard to build over the years, to scam people. the best way to avoid scammers impersonating itu global/instantforex these are the best things to do to avoid scammers using our name: use only the contact details on our websites: to reach us, please use only the contacts info on our 2 websites. we also have the contact details for our payeer department, which can be seen on (when you click on the payeer link). however, some scammers are smart: for example, >> continue reading

NETELLER: Instaforex Welcome Bonuses

there are many other bonuses from, apart from the famous “500 usd no deposit bonuses.” there are many other attractive bonuses to be enjoyed. instaforex offers its clients the widest range of bonuses. they differ from each other by their ultimate size, terms of crediting an account with a bonus, and their use in trading. profit made from any bonus can be withdrawn from an account without any restrictions. the information on this page is to help you assess in no time what particular bonus suits best your trading strategy and deposit. please see more info here: neteller at parallel market rates we offer neteller at parallel market rates for those who open accounts with us.  that means you can fund or withdraw neteller as often as you wish at parallel market rates, as long as you place at least, one trade per month. buy at: n375/$. sell at: 345/$. to open an instaforex account with us (a minimum of 2 >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/6/2017 | Politics | Independence

Why October 1st is a day of regret ​

nigeria was not ripe, nor mature enough to get independence when we got it. it’s like a child that runs away from home when they think they’re mature enough to fend for themselves. remember a prodigal son. the leaders who fought for freedom turned against themselves later. then there was a coup. then subsequent leaders have messed up things. things would have turned differently if our colonial masters had put those who asked for freedom in life imprisonment, and then release them after at least, 20 years. if the whites were still ruling us when there was oil boom in nigeria, things would be far, far better. nigeria would have become a mecca of africa. if mandela was granted what he was fighting for when he was young, i can bet that south africa would be much worse than sudan or somalia right now. but he was put in jail, while others were shouting. the country was undergoing rapid developments by the whites. when mandela was finally released and the whites handed over powe >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/6/2017 | Politics | Nigeria

Why you can’t make Nigeria better

how do i make nigeria better? answer: get a permanent visa and immigrate to another country, the streets and burial grounds are full of people who wanted to change nigeria. you may have good intentions and ideas, but those who would deceive you, dupe you, mislead you and feed you to your enemies out number you. to make a change in nigeria, you would have to deprive some greedy people of their billions of dollars, ergo you need to step on some toes, when a billionier soaked in corrupt practices and surrounded by thugs and assassins tries to step on your toes, you and your family might not survive. i believe president muhamadu buhari wants to make a better nigeria, but how many people like him are in service today? nb: i know i would be insulted for my frank comments and i don't care nigerians tend to be pissed on quora when you say the truth, i am no stranger to insults and the reality of nigeria. source: perfect money/pa >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/4/2017 | Business | Deal

The best business deal ever made

what was the best business deal ever made? it is november 1980 and ibm is twice as large as every other computer company in the world combined. they are making an agreement with an upstart, microsoft, a company with 40 staff, to create an operating system (os), the software that a computer runs off. this os would later be called ibm pc-dos. but the young ceo of microsoft, bill gates, sees something that ibm doesn’t. he pushes for the agreement to allow microsoft to license the os to other manufacturers, and ibm agree. microsoft come up with a really original name for this os - they call it ms-dos. and the rest is history… microsoft ends up supplying the os to over 1.4bn pc’s and counting because of the deal gates had struck. many say this was the best business deal ever. but there was a problem. microsoft didn’t even own the os! microsoft only managed to purchase a non-exclusive agreement for the os in december 1980 for a reported us$25k from seattle computer products. >> continue reading

Itu Global | 10/4/2017 | Education | Jamb

JAMB – an evil that brings out stupidity in Nigerians

before the creation of an evil called jamb, people had been going into higher institutions. why was jamb created? no logical reasons than this “waec” can’t be trusted anymore. yes, it’s possible for you to pass waec wasce while you’re grossly incompetent academically. jamb was created to check incompetent students from going into higher institutions, but the mission has failed. nigeria has always produced incompetent graduates. people can gain admission into any higher institutions abroad, as long as they have good waec results. you do something like toefl, ielts, etc. only to show that you can study in the language of instruction of the school where you’re going. if waec results are enough for me to study abroad, where the quality of education is far superior, then why not in my country? if the authorities think that waec, neco are now corrupt and can’t be sufficient enough to prove students’ competence, why don’t they sanitize waec and neco? why don’t they let those who >> continue reading